Rogue (formerly VP Max) (ViewPlus)

The VP Max Embosser has gone ROGUE! Meet the new VP Rogue; the same great features as the VP Max but now twice as fast!

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Size:23.5in x 13.5in x 5.75in (LxWxH)
Weight:22 lbs
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Product Description

Perfect for home or office use, this compact braille printer enables you to quickly and quietly print braille and the highest-resolution tactile graphics.

Braille production made flexible and easy
– Braille is translated and embossed from MS Word in one touch
– Graphics are produced from any PC software including Adobe Illustrator & CorelDRAW 

 Tactile graphics embossed in fine detail–better than any braille printer
– Tiger tactile graphics are the highest resolution of any embosser
– Dot height adjusts higher or lower for dark or light areas in images–8 levels

 Braille & graphics software included–Tiger Software Suite (TSS)
– TSS incorporates braille software, tactile graphics studio, and more
– Tigers are also compatible with Duxbury, TactileView and other braille and graphics software


  • 120 characters per second
  • High-quality single-sided braille
  • The highest resolution tactile graphics – 8 dot heights
  • Choose tractor-fed OR cut-sheet option
  • Backwards compatible with VP Max files for Smarter-Balanced Testing
  • Braille and tactile graphics software included
  • Full online library of free training materials
  • Local support and repair service
  • Standard 1-year parts and labor warranty


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