ClearReader+ Basic / ClearReader+ / ClearReader+ Advanced (Optelec)

Would you like your daily newspaper or favorite book to be read aloud by naturally sounding voices within a matter of seconds? Are you searching for a stylish device that scans and reads printed documents just at the press of a button?

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Size:9.1in x 9.4in x 3.9in (LxWxH)
Weight:5.4 lbs
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Product Description

Instant reading
Rediscover the joy of reading anytime and anywhere. Within a few seconds, listen to any printed document scanned by the ClearReader+, ClearReader+ Basic and ClearReader+ Advanced with just one click. When it works so easily and quickly, why would you trouble yourself with saving and opening documents?

Intuitive operation
The ClearReader+ Basic is designed for simplicity. It has easy to operate buttons with distinctive forms, so you can easily distinguish and use them.

Expand the scan and read functionality with the ClearReader+ Advanced
Rediscover the joy of reading. Scan and magnify your post or favorite magazines instantly using your monitor with the ClearReader+ Advanced. Use the convenient feature pack to listen to news, view images or read handwritten notes.

Switching between languages
With all of the ClearReader+ models you can choose between 59 available high-quality, naturally sounding male and female voices in 31 different languages to read text aloud. By using the easy to operate buttons, you can match the language of your document with that of your unit easily.

Saving and retrieving documents
With the ClearReader+ you have the option to save your post or interesting articles for later reference. You can archive single and multiple page documents and access them when needed.

Portable solution
Benefit from the portable design and use the ClearReader+ anywhere in your home. Move the unit around easily by using the convenient foldable carrying handle. (The ClearReader+ Basic does not integrate a battery).


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