Acuity 22" Speech HD (Rehan)

The Acuity Speech HD allows you to read and listen in comfort!

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Size:18.9in x 18.9in x 25.6in (LxWxH)
Weight:35.3 lbs
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Product Description

The Acuity Speech HD boasts a 22-inch Full-High-Definition (1080p60) image along with a glare-free screen and reflection-free LED lighting for incredible image clarity. When eyes grow tired, turn on the speech and let Acuity Speech HD read your document aloud, simply touching the screen where you want to read.

Acuity Speech HD makes it easy. It arrives in one box, so you just have to plug it in to start using it. And Acuity Speech HD includes control options to suit your preferences, coming standard with a detachable Bluetooth remote (with tactile buttons/wheel), touchpad controls and a touchscreen, so you use the controls that suit you best.

22 inch HD widescreen display
1080p60: Full HD resolution, 60Hz refresh rate
Multiple controls: tactile remote control, touchpad or touchscreen
Easy to use text-to-speech
2.2x up to 65x magnification
Shadow-free uniform LED lighting
Up to 20 high contrast modes and 2 photos modes
One box solution: plug-and-play


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