Actilino 3.0 (Handy Tech)

Actilino 3.0 is the super-compact note taker for blind users. 16 piezo ceramic Braille cells and the silent Braille keyboard make the Actilino your reliable every-day companion. In real time, Actilino displays information in Braille for tactile reading. Additionally, you get the speech output of the connected computer.
With Actilino Braille readers get access to the world. You don’t need to install software: Simply type your notes with Actilino and send it to your smartphone or PC. The built-in microphone of the Actilino allows you to make calls with such programs as Skype, FaceTime, and WhatsApp.
Actilino provides unique touch recognition. Handy Tech’s patented ATC (active tactile control) technology allows using the device like the touchscreen of a tablet. ATC offers continuous reading. When reaching the end of the displayed text, it scrolls automatically to the next text position.
At work, school, home or on the go – Actilino is always at your side.

What’s new?
USB C port (reversable design making it easier to plug in)
Extended Bluetooth that combines braille and audio and increases the range considerably
New Triple Action Keys with indentation
Redesigned contact mechanism for the braille keys for improved performance
New firmware version 3.0 – download here:

Watch a short video on the new Actilino 3.0:

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Size:6.5in x 4.3in x 1.1in (LxWxH)
Weight:0.92 lbs
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Product Description

The note taker
Actilino is a complete note taking device. It provides a wide range of functions, like the easy-to-use editor, calculator, scheduler, timer or alarm clock. Actilino even includes interactive games and support for MusikBraille literacy.

Just switch on the Actilino and start writing. Without the need of additional software send your notes to your smartphone or PC with a simple key command.

Nonstop reading
Actilino has something for everyone. Whether you are just learning to read Braille or you are an avid reader. Enjoy reading a book cover to cover without ever pushing a button. Actilino’s memory card (micro SD) can hold literately thousands of books. You will never run out of reading material.
The touch control technology of Actilino makes reading a pleasure. The ATC-technology detects your reading position on the Braille display in real time. The sensitiveity of the ATC is adjustable, so it is ideal for Braille readers at all levels.

Your control center
Actilino offers it all: Braille output, speech output, text input and PC control. With wireless Bluetooth connection, the integrated headphone and microphone will let you stay in touch with the world. Up to four devices can be connected simultaneously to the Actilino: up to three Bluetooth devices and one USB.

Additionally Actilino offers Bluetooth Audio. Get your Screen reader voice from the Actilino via the build in loudspeakers or discreetly with headphones.

The ultimate mini Braille display
Actilino is both, a Braille display and note taker in one device. Thanks to the integrated HID-(human-interface-device) technology, Actilino will be automatically recognized by computer systems and will be working without the need to install a driver. Window screen readers such as JAWS, Window-Eyes, NVDA or Supernova can be used with the Actilino, either wireless via Bluetooth or by a USB connection.

Thanks to multi Bluetooth, Actilino can connect up to three devices at once.
Compatible with Apple iOS, Android or Google OS.

Enjoy the Ergonomics
The Braille input keys are placed in that way that you can enter text in a convenient position: The control stick, located in the front center, can be comfortably reached with the thumbs. The detection of the reading position enables relaxed reading without the need to continuously press the scrolling keys. The unique concave Handy Tech Braille cells of Actilino allow reading Braille in a relaxed ergonomic reading position.

Did you know the Actilino Smart Braille Display by Handy Tech can log your student’s reading speed and progress even when both of you are working from home?
Sensors under each braille pin detect changes in finger pressure as well as reading speed and position. Switching on the reading log function allows for recording of a student’s reading session. This valuable data can be saved and exported to a spreadsheet for documenting reading behaviors over an entire semester or year, providing concrete data for measuring reading progress against benchmark goals in your student’s IEP. This is great both for showing positive progress and for identifying problem areas that may call for further instruction.

The advantages at a glance:
16 concave piezoelectric braille elements
ATC: relaxed reading without pressing the Advance key
Integrated practical functions such as editor, calculator, scheduler, and more
Write, read and send messages via smartphone or PC
Interactive connection via Bluetooth and USB with up to four devices at the same time
16 GB of storage space on SD Card
Battery life 30 hours plus


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