ONYX® Deskset HD (Freedom Scientific)

The ONYX Deskset HD is a portable video magnifier that adapts to multiple environments and tasks for productivity at school, work, and at home. The new sleek design integrates a high-definition camera and monitor to let you clearly see what you want, whether it’s across the room or at your desk. The 3-in-1 flexible camera provides document reading, distance viewing, and self-viewing modes with versatile controls.

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Product Description

Self-contained and easy to carry
Three-in-one flexible camera with distance, document, and self views:
In distance view, even objects from across large rooms or auditoriums can be seen in sharp focus
Document view gives you the ability to magnify items such as reading materials, daily business tasks, classroom assignments, product labels, and craft projects
With self view, you get a magnified true mirror image close up
Automatically remembers your last working settings in every view
Choice of monitor sizes: widescreen 22-inch or 24-inch
Magnification up to 131 times the original size, depending on monitor
Read what you want, where you want, with camera rotation in all three directions
True full color plus high-contrast full color
Optional rolling carrying case (22-inch and 24-inch models)

Productivity Features:
33 color modes including high-contrast, true-color, and grayscale to fit your viewing needs
Freeze Frame allows you to freeze the image on the screen for close inspection of small objects or to keep your place
Focus Lock to keep the camera focused on the paper while writing
Keep your place easily with the adjustable Reading Lines, Masks, and Shades
Quickly zoom out to easily find your place and zoom back in using the Find feature


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