Nara Handheld Video Magnifier (LVI)

Handheld electronic magnifying unit that is easy to use at home, at a restaurant or in the grocery store. Comes with useful functions such as image storage, distance viewing, freeze image and reading lines

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Product Description

The Nara is your companion anywhere you go; at home, to the restaurant or to the grocery store.


• 2X-32X magnification – for great magnification
• Built-in reading stand – for easy reading
• Lightweight design – easy to carry and use
• 4 hours continous use – for independent
• Freeze Frame – practical i.e. for recipes
• Save images – great for memories
• Reading lines – makes reading easier
• Near and far viewing – for your convenience
• HDMI – connect to external monitor or TV

Nara 5 comes with a 5” screen and a stand that can be flipped out and used as a convenient handle. If you choose Nara 7, you will get a
7” screen with a built-in stand.

Technical specifications:

Dimensions          Nara 5              Nara 7
Width:                     5.7 in                7.68 in
Height:                    3.3 in                4.92 in
Depth:                     1.1 in                0.98 in
Weight:                    9.7 oz              13.94 oz
Camera Near:         HD                    HD
Camera Distance:   Full HD             Full HD
Screen:                    5”                     7”

Nara 5                    Nara 7


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