Mercury 8 Handheld Magnifier with Speech (Trysight)

Mercury 8 is a durable, handheld tablet magnifier with accurate full page OCR. It features a wide 8 inch HD screen with ergonomic rubber grips and shockproof polycarbonate case designed for rough handling. It can also be used as a regular Android tablet with the full Android eco-system of apps.


Product Price $995.00
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Size:8.6in x 5.35in x 0.875in (LxWxH)
Weight:1.18 lbs
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Product Description

Mercury 8 is a large screen Portable Magnification system for someone who also wants to use it as an Android device.

Ideal for Professionals and Students who want to enlarge Books, Letters and other objects but also want access to the Android apps including accessibility features such as Email, Google Chrome and even Games.

Room to write under the camera
Multiple Color Schemes
Integrated foldable legs
Headphone Jack
4 hour battery life
Multiple languages and natural sounding voices
Quality Samsung electronics & camera
Access to Android system
Integrated LED light
Easy to learn


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