Patriot 10” HD by Patriot Vision Industries (Demo Unit – Excellent Condition)

The Patriot 10HD features a large 10″ widescreen, High Definition distance view and close view integrated dual camera system which allows you to reach more words and part of picture on the screen while reading or writing. Patriot 10HD can satisfy your desire to read more and long time in a comfortable position. Just enjoy your reading time, and don’t worry about neck or eye strain.

Before: $1,495.00 Now: $999.00
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Product Description

The integrated dual camera system in the Patriot 10” HD Portable Electronic Video Magnifier provides two viewing ways to fulfill the daily use. Autofocus Camera with Near View – to read books or newspapers; Far View – to see posters or blackboards.

Continuous zoom from 2.5x to 18x Magnification – plus Full Color (True Color for pictures and maps) and multiple Enhanced Color Modes.

• big, simple buttons for ease of use
• distance viewing for near distance activities such as grocery shelves or street signs
• built in, fold out reading stand
• HDMI output for viewing on a TV
• 4 hour battery life

This unit was a demonstration unit with minimal usage. Excellent condition.


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