Helix HD

The Helix HD is an affordable lightweight HD video magnifier that connects to a computer, monitor or TV to give you fast and easy access to printed documents. It’s compact design and wireless control panel makes it easy to take with you or move from room to room.

Optional Monitor:

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Size:15.7in x 5.9in x 8.3in (LxWxH)
Weight:2.5 lbs
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Product Description

The Helix HD is an affordable, high-definition video magnifier that can replace the function of a desktop video magnifier, but at a fraction of the cost. Additionally, Helix HD is lightweight and folds down, so you can also take it with you.

Just plug Helix HD into the HDMI port in your TV or computer monitor and instantly magnify an entire 8.5×11 size paper up to 150x. If all HDMI ports are full, no problem; Helix HD comes with an HDMI switch so you can share the same HDMI port with DVD players and other HDMI- connected devices.
Helix HD comes with a wireless tactile remote, so you can position the controls wherever they are most convenient for you. The remote has 6 controls that operate all features, but can also be covered (magnetic cover included) to just two controls for people wishing for more basic/simplified use.

Helix HD employs two cameras, in order to keep a wide viewing area yet maintain a low height profile. This allows you to use the (optional) monitor arm to position your screen just above Helix HD and recreate the reading environment/ergonomics of a desktop CCTV, but at a much lower cost.

Wide viewing area – up to 8 inches
High magnification – 2.8x to 150x on a 24” monitor
Portable design – lightweight & foldable for travel
Easy-to-use tactile, wireless remote control pad
Plug directly into your TV or computer monitor
HDMI switch – No available HDMI ports? Helix can share
720p60 HD magnifier – priced less than SD magnifiers
Helix Workstation Package – Transform the Helix HD into a desktop video magnifier!


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