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If your sight is deteriorating, the Dolphin GuideConnect software can evolve with you, supporting you every step of the way. Guide’s talking menus are refreshingly simple and totally accessible. Specifically designed to support people with vision loss, friendly human-sounding voices read the menus and instructions aloud making it easy to follow along. Partially sighted users can also zoom in to enlarge the menus and can select high-contrast color preferences for greater customization.

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Product Description

Effortless email, entertainment and internet
Losing your sight is life changing. Technology could help you gain greater independence, but what if you don’t feel confident?

GuideConnect is a talking digital assistant that brings you closer to family and friends. It helps you manage your everyday life and have fun. Simple internet access makes it easy to find information, be entertained and stay up-to-date with what’s happening in the world. GuideConnect is thoughtfully designed by and for people with sight loss, enabling you to enlarge the text or have it read to you. There are straightforward menus and lots of help. GuideConnect will talk you through every step of the way – you won’t believe how easy it is to use!

Simple talking technology for everyday computer use
Simple step-by-step menus help you complete every task
High contrast large print text, as BIG as your eyes need
Human sounding voices guide you every step of the way
Touch, remote, keyboard or mouse access
Write emails, documents, or search the internet with your voice
The simplest way to write, send and receive email
Compose letters and print envelopes
Effortlessly browse the web
Scan and read your print mail
Listen to audio books or today’s newspapers
Maintain a calendar and receive timely reminders
Tune in to your favorite radio stations
2 hours of private online training included


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